Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find CeraVe products and promotions

  • CeraVe products can be purchased at most major retail outlets or online.

  • Yes, CeraVe samples are distributed through physicians’ offices and drug store programs.

  • Yes, to print a coupon, please visit our "Coupons" page

  • To ensure you are buying an authentic CeraVe product on Amazon, only purchase CeraVe branded items that are designated as "Ships and Sold by Amazon.ca".

  • Yes, select CeraVe products are available in various sizes, including convenient travel sizes of 3 ounces or less.

  • You asked and we listened! We are pleased to share that CeraVe Cream with a pump is currently available. In addition, several CeraVe products already have pumps.

Skincare Science

  • "Fragrance-free" means that a product contains no added fragrance. Most dermatologists recommend fragrance-free products, since fragrances can cause irritation for sensitive skin. A product labeled “unscented” may contain subtle masking fragrances.

  • The skin barrier is the outer most layer of the skin which helps to keep moisture in and irritants out. It is often described using a ‘brick and mortar’ model, in which cells called corneocytes are the bricks embedded in a lipid matrix, which serves as the mortar. The lipid matrix itself is composed of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, with ceramides comprising ~50% by weight of the lipids. Over time, the depletion of lipids can contribute to moisture loss, dryness and cracking, and/or inflammation and irritation from external assault on the skin barrier.

  • A ceramide deficiency can contribute to everyday dry skin or, in the most severe cases, skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

  • Skin naturally contains ceramides, which help keep moisture in, keep irritants out, and repair the skin barrier. Over time, ceramides become depleted, leading to dry, dull, irritated or cracked skin. The right balance of ceramides is essential for optimal skin barrier function, and beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

CeraVe product line

  • In 2005, a dedicated panel of board-certified dermatologists developed a new technology containing skin-identical ceramides (1, 3, 6-II—known to be deficient in several skin diseases), fatty acids, and other lipids enhanced with revolutionary delivery system known as MultiVesicular Emulsion (MVE) technology. The technology was making the formulas not only efficacious in restoring skin barrier function, but was also able to sustain long-term moisturization with just one use.

  • In 2005, researchers in the U.S. partnered with leading dermatologists to develop the CeraVe brand - a line of skin care products designed to help repair and strengthen the skin barrier. Experts understood that the skin barrier serves an important function in promoting healthy skin and that key components of the skin barrier (ceramides) are deficient in compromised skin conditions. CeraVe is the first and only brand to offer a full line of products containing essential ceramides that healthy skin needs.

  • No, CeraVe products are not tested on animals.

  • The majority of CeraVe products are non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog pores or cause acne. Please check the label or product page for more information. All CeraVe products are fragrance-free and non-irritating.

  • The patented MultiVesicular Emulsion (MVE) technology used in CeraVe products releases key ingredients slowly over time, allowing them to absorb into the skin to hydrate and nourish, as well as help repair, restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier. This means that CeraVe products keep working to help restore and maintain the natural function of the skin barrier long after you apply them.

  • CeraVe can be used on face and body, with some products specially formulated for each. Talk with your dermatologist to learn which CeraVe products are best for your skincare needs.

  • CeraVe currently offers a variety of skincare products developed with the expertise of dermatologists. CeraVe has received more seals of approval from the National Eczema Association than any other brand. Talk with your dermatologist to learn which CeraVe products are best for your skincare needs.

  • The ingredient list for each CeraVe product is displayed on its packaging and on its product page, under the “Ingredients” Tab. If you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, or have any other concern, we suggest that you consult your dermatologist.

  • CeraVe products are non-irritating and fragrance-free. Most are also non-comedogenic. If you are sensitive to a particular ingredient, or have any other concern, we suggest that you consult your dermatologist.

Physician Support

  • For patient samples, please call (844)-CERAVE-1 between 8am and 5pm EST Monday-Friday to speak with a representative.

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