MultiVesicular Emulsion (MVE) Technology is CeraVe's patented ingredient delivery system which provides long-lasting hydration.


Found in CeraVe’s range of therapeutic skin and body moisturizers, the MVE Technology is an innovative delivery system that allows moisturizing ingredients to be release gradually into the skin.

In contrast to the “quick burst release” formulations in common moisturizing products, CeraVe’s MVE is a structure of “time-released” spheres providing multiple phases of moisturization throughout the day with just one product application.

Each MVE sphere is composed of a series of concentric layers that trap and hold ingredients such as ceramides, fatty acids and phytosphingosine (a water binding agent). Over time the layers slowly and sequentially dissolve, releasing CeraVe’s essential ingredients onto the skin. This slow release of ingredients helps to replenish skin’s natural ceramides and restore barrier function to sustain long-lasting skin comfort and hydration.

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