Face acne-prone skin


Acne can lead to more than just pimples. Strong acne treatment products can leave skin red and flaky. Although a potent product may help clear the acne blemish, the associated irritation may lead you to question which is worse: the acne or the treatment side effects.

Tips for acne-prone skin

  • Take care of your skin day and nigh- and use products designed specifically for each time of day
  • Minimize flare-ups by being consistent with your skincare routine- Choose a product that can address all your skin concerns, like dryness or post-acne marks, as well as your acne

A consistent, simple acne skincare routine can help minimize your acne flare-ups. By choosing the right products, you can not only address your acne, but you can reduce or prevent other concerns, like dryness, post-acne marks and more – while also protecting your skin from the sun.


To maintain clear, comfortable skin, CeraVe recommends an easy, yet comprehensive acne skincare routine using products developed with dermatologists in the morning and at night to help improve the appearance of your skin with minimal effort.




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